We specialize in birthday parties, weddings and corporate events.

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Weddings & Ceremonies

If you are having a wedding or a commitment ceremony, we have what you need to support a small batch of guests to large invitation lists. Our team is trained for wedding support specifically because we care about the details.

Balloon Decor

Special occasions looks great when you add a touch of balloon decor. We pride ourselves in balloon setups. We can add balloon column(s), balloon garland to any backdrop of choice or balloon arch to entry way. 

Balloon Inventory

What Our Customers Are Saying!

Christine Finnegan
Christine Finnegan
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Absolutely wonderful company. The people were easy to work with, did everything impossible to make my granddaughter's birthday party just want she wanted. I highly recommend them.
Regina Watson Bradshaw
Regina Watson Bradshaw
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It was such an incredible experience working Jazzy Queenz27-13,LLC. She arrived on time, set up immediately with her team. She was very welcoming. She explained how the mirror photo works, and things took off from there. We could not stay away from the photobooth. It was so fun, the party moved to the photobooth area. The pictures printed out immediately, or you can send to email or upload to your Facebook page. Everything was great,, U will definitely, absolutely use them again.. and recommend their service. Very professional. Without Jazzy Queenz 27-13,LLC, there would not have been much fun. You have got to try them.
Kate Zerbe
Kate Zerbe
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Very professional! Awesome service! Friendly outfit! Really can’t go wrong with Jazzy Queen! Does a top notch job and sees everything through thoroughly!.

Who We Are

We are the trusted source for special event and party rentals. We pride ourselves in providing the absolute best service. With every rental and every event, we focus on providing you and your guests world-class service. 

All of our rentals are safe, clean, and sanitized before and after use. We always follow the strictest safety guidelines and we absolutely will not sacrifice you or your guests’ safety.

3-Step Clean

Keeping Your Family Safe!

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We honor and value your trust in our service and equipment. We are dedicated to providing our customers with properly cleaned and sanitized rentals each and every time.

Step 1

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All Dust, Dirt, & Debris

Step 2

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Deep Clean Unit
with Cleaner & Sanitizer

Step 3

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Clean, Sanitized &
Ready for Fun!

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We are fully insured!

*PA Amusement Ride Safety Certification on hand!

*We offer PA Department of Agriculture Standard Safety Compliant Rental Services!
*We have two licensed inspectors/operators on board!
*Safety and Customer Service is our #1 priority!